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I am 40 year old with 2 sons with a beautiful and sexy wife. After
first son my
wife Sangita wanted a daughter. She consulted quite a few Astrologers
everyone was of the opinion that even if I produce 100 children they
shall be
boy only. Anyway this was destiny. This fact was known to her best
friend Kajri.
As per the name she had most beautiful and matwali eyes. She was damn
sexy .I
sometime dreamt to have her and enjoy. One day my dream came true. My
wife told
me to go to Kajri,s house at lunch time and hand over a packet to
her. This was
just a part of planning of two best friends. On reaching her home, I
found Kajri
in a sexy top and a mini skirt. Even after the birth of one daughter
she has
maintained her figure. She welcomed me and offered me a drink . I
said you are
looking gorgeous. Kajri blushed deeply at the compliment. she smiled
and tossed
her silky black hair back out of her eyes.

She stood 5 feet 4 inches with nice 36 D boobs and long silky legs.
She was very
proud of keeping her body in fine shape. While I was taking drink she
came and
sat on my lap. I asked what is she doing . She said that She has
approval of my
wife and the visit is so planned . She explained that she does not
want to take
chance of 2nd daughter and I should make her pregnant so that she is
sure of
BOY.( Oh, what a luck I was just thinking)With this she bite my ear .
I was
excited and I put my hands on her sexy legs. I wasted no time and
seized the
invitation to start exploring. I slid my hand under her skirt and
pushed it up a
little, exposing her thighs. Kajri was getting hot from my touch, it
felt like
the skin of her thigh was burning. She spread her legs slightly
farther apart,
allowing me a better access. I continued upward touching, tickling,
and rubbing
the skin between her thighs, teasing her, making her anticipate my
next move.
"Mmmmmmmmmmm, she moaned and remarked,you knows how to turn on a
woman. Just one
touch and I've almost creamed my panties." I slid my hand up,
everything but the one spot she desired most. I pushed aside her lacy
and played with her silken pussy lips, her inner folds, her clitoris.
She was
clean shaved , probably my wife must have told her that I like clean
pussy. She
started kissing me . My other hand started exploring underneath her
blouse and
felt the beginning of a very hard nipple erection.
I then lifted Kajri and took her to bed room. Kajri and I separated
and stood
there looking at each other. As if in silent agreement, I started
Kajri. She stood there slightly trembling as I pull her blouse/top up
and slowly
kissing in leisurely circles around her face, neck, ears, and throat
. Kajri
moaned deep in her throat, her belly and groin raging with desire. I
took off
the blouse from her shoulders and stood back to gaze at her, standing
there in
her green satin and lace bra and skirt. Next I moved forward and
reached around
zipper of her skirt, slowly sliding it down her legs. Kajri stepped
out of it
and stood before me, dressed now only in her matching bra and
"Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous," I growled. I reached over and
tweaked one of
her nipples, making it stand out again. I ran my tongue in patterns
over the
back of her shoulders, giving her goose bumps and making her shiver
delight. I then unfastened her bra, slipped the straps off her
shoulders, and
reached around to remove it from her breasts. I let the bra fall, and
there with one breast in each hand, softly squeezing the rubbery
nubs, making
them hard. I massaged her breasts and tweaked her nipples until Kajri
moaning more and starting to breath heavily. I then moved my hands
kissing my way down until I was on my knees behind her, with my hands
on her
hips. I tugged the lacy material of her panties and pulled them down,
my tongue
following in their track. I then turned Kajri back around and drank
in her full
beauty. She stood there in all her splendor, her large, firm breasts
ready to be
sucked, and her beautiful shaved pussy, swollen in desire and
anticipation. I
stepped forward and took one nipple into my mouth, taking my time
sucking and
licking it. I then turned his attention to the other breast, licking,
and sucking it, until both her nipples stood out proud and at
I then guided her over to the bed and pushed her gently, indicating
she should
sit at the edge. I then fell to my knees in front of her and pushed
her legs
apart. "I want to see you. All of you. Let me in."
Kajri groaned and spread her legs even further, her honey pot
steaming and wet,
waiting for this moment. I leaned down and buried my nose deep in her
pussy. My
tongue wasted no time, lapping and licking at her hot, wet pussy. "Oh
god, you
taste so sweet," I murmured. My tongue ran over and over, flicking
her lips,
probing her pussy, and then finally, sweet release as I tongued and
sucked her
clit. Kajri could hardly stand it any more. Her pussy begged for
release. She
grabbed me by the hair and tried to get me to suck harder, lick
faster. "Shhhh,
Let me do this my way and I guarantee you will never forget it."
Kajri calmed down as best she could, that is until I resumed his
lapping and
licking with my tongue. This was soon followed by inserting a finger
deep inside
her wet, hot pussy. I licked and licked, and pumped my finger, then
inserted a
second and pumping faster and harder now. As I licked furiously at
her engorged
clit,my finger fucked her, hitting her G spot on every down stroke.
Kajri gasped
and arched her back fully as she fell backwards on the bed, moaning
loudly, her
whole body quivering as the release of a tremendous orgasm ripped
through her
I stood up then and removed my clothes, never taking my eyes off
Kajri. She lay
there, looking so beautiful, so flushed, so in need of fucking, and I
was the
one who would be giving it to her. When I removed my briefs, Kajri's
eyes grew
big and round. I had reasonably long 5 1/2 inches cock with a very
big head. She
took my cock in her soft hand. . I slid on the bed next to her and
she turned
herself around so she could pay some special attention to my assets
which will
give her a boy. She opened her mouth wide, and slowly took it in. She
the shaft and swirled her tongue around and started sucking. I
groaned and
started bucking a little, encouraging her to take more. When I hit
the back of
her throat, Kajri started to gag a bit, but I told her to breathe
deeply through
her nose and she would be okay. In and out my cock went, fucking her
mouth. She
made loud slurping noises as she greedily ate me up, every once in a
releasing it so she could get more air. At these times she would
devote her
talented tongue administerings to my balls. She licked them until
they were very
wet and tried to suck them into her mouth. Finally, while sucking and
my cock, Kajri inserted a slippery finger inside my ass. She could
feel my
muscles tightening up. I wanted to cum badly, but she wanted to bury
it deep
inside her sweet tight cunt .She just released my cock . I grabbed
Kajri by the
hips at that point, and positioned her doggie style on the bed
I teased her moist clit with my cock head, licked a finger and
inserted it into
her ass then. Kajri jumped and squealed, and lost her balance, ending
up with
her head and shoulders down on the bed. This opened her hot pussy
lips even
wider for me, I positioned my massive cock at her opening. Kajri was
so wet and
so ready to cum n, she accepted me easily. I slid almost all the way
in with
just a few strokes. I continued to finger her ass, causing her to
squirm, which
tightened her pussy muscles even more. This was driving me wild, and
I started
to ram my cock harder and deeper. I was in her now fully, my balls
against her smooth, shaved pussy lips.
"Yesssssssss, Yessssssssssss!!!! Fuck me, I. God I need you sooo
much. Deeper.
Harder! Fuck meeeeeeeeeee," Kajri screamed. Make me pregnant. She
bucked and
ground her hips as far back into his pelvis as she could. It wasn't
long before
I felt the stirrings deep in my balls, getting ready to unload my hot
cum in her
tight, sucking pussy. I pulled my cock out and told her ,that it is
not after
one time you can become pregnant we shall have to fuck everyday at
least for a
weak. She said O.K but put your sperms in my womb. I said , one thing
you have
to promise before I put my valuable sperms in your pussy that you
will let me
fuck the way I want and whenever I want. She said "yes baba , Hone
wale bacche
ki kasam , you can fuck me as and when you want." On listening this I
rammed my
cock in her waiting pussy and started fucking with full thrust. She
moving her hips giving me tremendous pleasure. I am cuuummmiiiing she
please unload your jism in my pussy. I was enjoying the snapping
pussy and
continued with my deep thrusts. Soon my muscles contracted and I
spurted a
bucket full of jism in the hot pussy of Kajri.
"Ahhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee," Kajri screamed as she felt my hot
coating the insides of her pussy walls. I collapsed on top of Kajri,
and it was
several minutes before our breathing returned to normal.
I finally rolled off and my cock popped out of her well-used pussy
with a plop.
She quickly turned around and lick it clean. I then put on my clothes
and went
to office . I fucked Kajri for full one week in different positions.
After 9
months she gave birth to a smart boy. Out of gratitude she still
offers me to
have sex which I enjoy thoroughly.


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